Andrew Tunnecliffe

(+61) 455 552 221

SIEM engineer with focus on fraud detection. Highly certified in Splunk, with offensive security capabilities.


Currently working as a managing consultant for a Splunk professional services provider. I specialise in implementing tooling for detecting anomalies on networks. Over time this has evolved into detecting behavioural anomalies in computer systems and humans to detect specific behaviours. Over time as I deepen my way into this work I have a growing feeling of dread in the way these systems can be used.

Technical Skills

I've programmed in so many languages and under so many paradigms I'm sure I can figure out whatever is thrown at me. I have performed internal penetration tests with self-written payloads, and I have committed C#.NET MVC+SQL code to add a new WCAG-compliant field to a dropdown list -- a huge variety of work. 7 years of consulting has offered experience with a broad set of workflows, including hugely automated systems controlled by tools like Terraform/Ansible/Puppet managing platforms such as OpenShift, Kubernetes, Nutanix, ESXi, Azure/AWS, and plenty more.


University of Canberra

Graduate Certificate of Government Informatics

Canberra, ACT


Monash University

Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems (Computer Science)

Caulfield, Victoria



Managing Consultant - North Australia, Tesserent (formerly Rivium), Canberra

(2016 - Current)

Performing highly technical security and integrity consulting, and managing a team who do the same.

Cyber Security Analyst, Federal Government Department, Canberra

(2014 - 2016)

Straight out of university, pulled into hacking.

Older Experience

On-site Technician and Consultant, Geeks2U, Melbourne & Canberra

(2014 - 2017)

Basically call-out computer fixer guy. Was a lot of fun.

Tech Expert, Telstra, Melbourne

(2012 - 2014)

Working in a Telstra store as the tech guy.

Repair Technician, Self-employed, Melbourne

(2010 - 2012)

Self-employed iPhone repairs during my teen years, made good money.

Online Presence

My presence isn't huge as a lot of my work has been performed under NDA or is otherwise fedgov/secure, but I have done bits and pieces including some I am proud of.

Here are some links to get you started:

Currently living in Canberra, happy to move for the right work. Currently holding a valid federal government security clearance at a high level.